Defenders of Wildlife

The Joy in Seeing Wildlife

The joy experienced as a child lives on in my memory. I want others to have the same opportunity.

When I was a young girl my Mom and Dad took the family on a trip through the West. We stayed in Yellowstone a few nights. I enjoyed and was very excited to see the little cub bears with their mamas coming around to raid the garbage cans and look for food. My mom had to continually warn me to stay away from them because they were so cute and looked very cuddly.She knew of my love for animals and lack of fear of them. I guess my love of wildlife started then and even now I get excited when I spot a coyote, rabbit, lizard, hawk, squirrel, turtle or others scampering away. My husband and I call to each other to see what we've seen and it is fun sharing the surprising experience.
I want the children of the future to have that same love and appreciation for our planet and its wonderful creatures. I believe that every species has its part to play in the health of the planet. We MUST make it possible for them to survive.
With respect for our planet and all living creatures on it,
Esther Hebert


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