Defenders of Wildlife

Lessons From The Past

A pause for thought from a newcomer to this great continent from the old one who has seen first hand the decline and eventual extinction of some of the great predators.

As a relative newcomer to America but long time admirer of the New World, I was immediately shocked and saddened to see and hear of the treatment of some of your most magnificent wild animals (also your domesticated ones too but that is another issue). I come from rural England and have never had the chance to witness Natures great balance makers such as eagles, wolves and Jaguars. This is because centuries ago they were decimated and in the case of wolves, erradicated in the name of progress. What was to follow was a poulation explosion in their prey which lead to large scale culling operations and thankfully a slow re- introduction of the predators. This situation has been mirrored in most of the European countries and what a terrible shame it would be if the same were to occur here. This is such a huge country with room for all of us. With careful thought and consideration we can all live together and all prosper. Short term gain is not nearly as profitable as long term preservation - take it from a country who has learnt from it's own mistakes.


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