Defenders of Wildlife

Natures Keepers

God created animals first.Then he created man.Man was to give each creature a name.Was told which was to eat and which not to.And was given the responsibility to take care of the animals.

We are the custodians off this mother earth and all of it's
inhabitants.The animals are also inhabitants.They are here for generations to see.before and after our life time.Every time
an animal is killed for reasons other than,feeding from our hungar,or defendening our life[not livelyhood],we upset the balance of our nature.,Our mother earth so to speek.And she
is our life.We grow food on her.We get water from her.We
raise our clothes from her.And we should get our compassion
from what she has,what she teaches,and the beauty and
serinity she gives us.We also have a God given assignment to
take care of her and all life.


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