Defenders of Wildlife

The Geodes

On my first trip to Yellowstone National Park I was excited to see everyone's favorite pack, the Druids. But it was the Geodes who changed me forever.

It was January, 2003 when I first entered Yellowstone National Park. It was cold and snowy, but I didn't care. I was on my way to see the wolves! We were going to spend 3 days in the Lamar Valley. The Druids did not disappoint us. We saw the whole pack, including their Alpha pair, #21 and #42, the king and queen of the Lamar Valley. They entertained us for 2 days, playing in the snow, eating fresh killed elk, sleeping all curled together, and we even saw 21 and 42 mate.
As we headed out of the valley we saw a bunch of ravens circling. We turned around and went to where they were. There was a dead elk with 3 coyotes feasting on it. We watched the coyotes for a while and then our guide thought we should look further out, because it had to be wolves who killed that elk. We started searching with our spotting scopes and there, up on a hill, was the Geode pack sound asleep with full bellies. As I watched, the Alpha pair woke up. They started to howl. The rest of the pack slowly got to their feet and joined in. It was the most amazing thing I had ever heard. An entire pack howling! The sound became part of me and I return to Yellowstone as often as I can so I can hear it again.


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