Defenders of Wildlife

The Importance of Nature

Nature is of importance because it teaches us how to appreciate small things in life, and helps us put things in perspective.

Nature is of importance to me because as I have learned to appreciate nature, I realize what is important in life. To love all living things, to take care of innocent beings.

All animals wish to do is to enjoy clean air, to eat and sleep and enjoy the world around them. This should be a lesson to us all about what is important in life, basic pleasures.

Birds and other wildlife know this so much more than we do. If you've ever fed a squirrel, a chipmunk, or a bird, you will hear their sounds of delight as they eat. If you've taken the time to talk to one of these creatures, you see how much they enjoy their life and appreciate the small things that you do for them, like providing them with food and water.

Please let's learn a lesson from the animals and put things in perspective...that we should be thankful for what we have, and we should protect these creatures who are already thankful for what they have. Please let's not take their lives away from them.


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