Defenders of Wildlife

Wildlife Inspirational and Valuable

Wildlife Inspirational and Valuable

Wildlife and nature are greatly inspirational to the human condition. In the everyday world of work, politics, and daily problems, wildlife lifts the spirit and gives hope. The beauty, simplicity and efficiency of wildlife and nature is a marvel to ponder. A world without a wildlife would be truly lonely.

Wildlife has great value to mankind in the ability to discover new medicines, such as the armadillo already used to develop leprosy drugs. Or possibly the bear used to discover how a high fat diet doesn't deposit plaque on artery walls. Who can guess what species could be used to develop a cure to cancer, diabetes, or any other disease?

Having been on earth much longer than mankind, species living today have a right to life. Let's not destroy fellow creatures, with whom we share a common heritage, because of mankind's selfishness and greed, and thereby sacrifice great benefit to our own species.


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