Defenders of Wildlife

The Grandeur of Creation

I believe one of the reasons, if not the chief reason, that I'm here on earth is to enjoy God's good creation and to care for it lovingly and respectfully.

I heard a Christian environmentalist, Peter Illyn, speak about the appropriateness and rightness of feeling awe when one experiences the wilderness. He talked about our losing a sense of awe as a culture. This is why Peter fights for wildlife and wild places. He wants to help us regain that sense of awe and to pass it on to future generations. When do we REALLY experience awe, after all? Our politicians use the phrase "shock and awe" to describe the bombings that took place when the Iraq War began. But the Bible, my guide for life, uses the word most often to describe the way we ought to respond to God and to his good creation. After all, he said, "It is very good" in Genesis chapter 1. It is STILL good. But it won't be for long, if we don't guard and keep and cherish it. That's the primary reason I'm an environmentalist.


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