Defenders of Wildlife

The Spirit Of Freedom

Feeling the actual spirit of Freedom~in more ways than one.

In March of 2005, A juvinile Bald Eagle was admitted to our facility with a degloved esophogus. It had appeared that he had swallowed a fish hook and tried to remove it himself, but upon ex-ray, there was no hook found. We normally tranfere these magnificant creatures to another facility, But thanks to our wild animal lovers, we raised enough money to able to rehabilitate this marvel of freedom. We believe that the bird was a male due to size and weight and appoximately 2 years old, with a 4 foot wing span. I am new to the wildlife rehabilitation world, So this was my very first experience with this remarkable animal. I fell in love the moment my eyes met his, And I cried for I had family in Iraq at the time fighting for my freedom, And here I am holding our nations symbol of Freedom and also a protected bird. How can our government NOT protect it's own mascot.?
After 64 days of rehabilitation and around the clock care, the young male was ready to go home. After a 2 hour drive we arrive to the Eagles Home. We banded him, set him on the crate to be free once again. The Eagle stayed there momentarily looking over his broad right shoulder at all of us who helped him like he was saying Thank You for my Freedom. He flapped twice and flew to the trees. After a few moments we noticed two White Capped Bald Eagles circling in the air. Wasn't long after that, son was reunited with his family, As our soldiers coming home get to do.
We need these animals to continue to be protected for their lives are worth more than the Government realizes. These are Magickal, spiritual , Symbols, Legends, Future of our younger generation to learn from.

Thank You,
Dawn L.Wilyard
Wildlife Care Asst.
Walden's Puddle Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
Joelton, Tn 37080


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