Defenders of Wildlife

human enrichment and wildlife codependency

human emotional and psychological well being is synergistically dependent upon pristine, open space, free of human alteration

wildlife and wilderness enrich our lives in immeasurable ways. as part of a hectic new york work style, our free time is almost always spent at the beach, enjoying nature, photography, birdwatching and walking in wilderness areas.

primitive and essential components of healthy wildlife ecosystems, inherently threatened for short term gain by this administration, is unforgiveable. we readily see through the diguise and dishonesty.

most americans will never forgive inexcuseable greed motivating this self serving free for all, or the concurrent, unrestrained hypocracy of such ineptitude.

the perils of environmental destruction will unfold in ways yet to be understood... I shudder at the deprivation being created as a result of a few political power brokers.


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