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Our National Symbol
Our National Symbol

Why we need to keep the Endangered Species Act intact.

I am 52 years old and until a few years ago had never seen a bald Eagle. They had died out in our area from pesticide use many years ago.Under the Endangered Species Act, they have come back from the edge of extinction and are starting to populate areas even nearby. In the winter months only a few of these regal birds could be seen in a handful of places in Iowa.I live in the capital city of Iowa and what better symbol of our freedoms and protections, then to see an adult bald eagle flying along the river with our beautiful capital building right alongside.We never had eagles in Des Moines till just the last few years, they have made their way here from northern areas.When the rivers freeze up north the eagles overwinter here as our rivers remain open in most years.There has even been a pair that has decided to set up house keeping here in our city.They have raised one chick each year for the past two years.What a great sight , as many as 100 eagles in the trees along the river right in our downtown area.. We need to protect these and ALL species that risk extinction for future generations.Don't let your legacy for the future be that you allowed species to perish, when they could be saved.

(notice the male eagle in the top of the tree, second from the right in the pic.)

K. Courtney


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