Defenders of Wildlife

My Grandmother's Legacy

My grandmother passed on to me her love and respect for animals and nature.

My Grandmother died when I was only 12 years old. She had suffered for some time with her illness. The last time I saw her she gave me an old tin bandaid box full of blades of grass. When I arrived home my other Grandmother tried to explain to me that it was her illness that made her give me the grass from her lawn. Even at 12 years old I knew that wasn't true. The box of grass was so much more than that. It represented nature and how much she loved it and cherished it. She always had a house full of animals. She was a great reader and she often pressed leaves and flowers in the pages of her books. I remember watching from her kitchen window as she went outside to feed the wild birds in her yard. They would come right up to her and eat out of her hand. She truly had a special gift and I like to think she passed that on to me.

It is imperative and our duty to protect the earth and our wildlife. We have no right to destroy any of it for a cheap buck and an easy solution to our problems,


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