Defenders of Wildlife

The Sacred Truth

Doesn't all man protect their roots?

Protecting wildlife should be second nature to man--seeing as how this is from where we evolved. But, we [man] progressed and moved out of the caves into homes and condos and mansions. We took space and land and water from where we came from. We invaded other species in order to feed our own greed.
When you look into the eyes of a gorilla, do you not see a soul reflected back--yes. When you see the soaring of an eagle, do you not stop and reflect on it's greatness and how beautiful it's flight--yes. When it's cold at night and you look down beside you to see your dog or cat curled up perfectly content, does your heart not swell with complete love---yes!!! And does is not pain you beyond comprehension if you were to ever lose or if you have lost that beloved pet--yes immensely!!!!
This is simply why we must protect our "brothers and sisters"! We were given the voice, the ability to become more--we should always protect that which is so sacred!


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