Defenders of Wildlife

Growing up with Animals

This will explain where I developed my love of animals, wether wild or domestic.

I was fortunate to grow up in a small town in Ohio on a small farm. We had the usual farm animals; horses, chickens, ducks, cats, dogs, even a burro. In a family with 6 kids my parents worked very hard to keep us in animal feed and food on the table . Times were different then. The entire family pitched in no matter how young or small you were. And you were usually happy to do it because it got you the chance to ride. I guess horseback riding is really what shaped my opinions and thoughts on animals. I remember riding the trails through the woods and being amazed at seeing a great blue heron at the pond's edge. The beaver building his damn back near the swamp. I use to count how many deer I would see on a ride. No matter how small the animal I was always amazed and thrilled at simply watching them in their natural habitat. These are some of my most cherished memories growing up. On a warm summer day, deep in the woods, a slight breeze blowing and laying back on my favorite horse, Sugarfoot, looking up into the trees and just watching the birds, squirrels and whatever else flew about.
Unfortunately, those woods are no longer there. They've been torn down to build houses.
But I still have my memories and wish that every child could have the same chance as I did growing up.
We need desperately to preserve as much of the natural habitats as possible. After all, the animals were here first...


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