Defenders of Wildlife


to help protect the gentle animals from "us""

we lived for 2 years and some month in Tarpon Springs Florida. We had plenty of time to watch the Mantees in the Spring Bayou. They come to the Bayou to breed and give birth and to stay warm in the winter...the Bayou has many small sweet water springs. It is strange to observe on one hand the total attraction of people to this ever so gentle sweet animals and the ignorance in how we can activly help . For once the Bayou is polluted..huge run offs with dirty water .People are allowed to fish and net in the Spring Bayou with the manatee near by..Disegarded fishing line is a big No No for Wildlife, yet we found line on a daily base.
When we wanted to install a MRRP Bin, (recycling bin for Fishing line) the town did not allow it. Even with signs up forbitten people to come in with speed boats ..we saw many many people coming in any way... laws are good, but who will enforce them... as well Manatees suffer horrible from the Red Tide...that is directly connected to pollution...if I can help this wonderful animals just one tiny bit, I would be a happy camper...please publish this little story.. if you need more pictures let me know.. I have many pictures taken from one little Pier in Tarpon Springs...Manatees and pictures from the deadly run off. Thank you.


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