Defenders of Wildlife


Humans have spent much time, money and efforts into recreating the lives of dinosaurs, cavemen and prehistoric animals. Will future generations have to spend their time and money trying to re-create the things we now take for granted?

We are fascinated with dinosaurs. We see them in museums, movies, pictures and stories. We want to find out how they lived and why they died. We think about the dodo bird and myriads of other species lost to us forever. Think now to the future. Will the future people be looking to recreate our tigers, wolves, manatees or pandas? Will people be trying to find out what a "real" forest would look like and what kind of "odd" animals called this habitat a home? If we do not care for our animals, our environment and our home, who's to say they will forever be here? We lose things that we do not take care of, so we need to use all of our resources now to stop further destruction. To see one more animal species become extinct would be too much. I care about the animals that we share the world with, for there is beauty in all life. I want my children and grandchildren to see the beauty in the animals around us, not have to re-create the past in order to see them.


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