Defenders of Wildlife

We Have to Make All of this STOP!

Watching our planet get ripped apart almost makes me physically ill...

Construction is a part of the lives of all of the members of my community. New housing developements crop up almost daily, year round. What used to be a small, mostly rural area is now a mecca of $300,000-$500,000 and up homes. Why these folks enjoy living practically in their neighbors laps is beyond me.
I get so profoundly sad at the vision of our Earth being pillaged and raped by construction equipment, and can almost hear the outcry of wildlife~"NOW where do we go??"
Why is it SO HARD for our "leaders" to SEE that this is a DELICATE BALANCE to be preserved?
How can they be so blind to the tenuous thread that binds ALL CREATURES together and the neccessity that we ALL SURVIVE?? Big and Small, Human and Animal~ ALL ARE IMPORTANT to our suvival as a planet!
How can this awesomly intelligent race NOT SEE THIS?
Come on people, we owe SO MUCH to this planet, our Mother, and to the future genererations of HER children!


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