Defenders of Wildlife

Our Pond

Our Pond
Our Pond

Since our moving to Danbury, CT 5 years ago I have only grown to appricate and adore nature more.

I adored nature and all critters and creatures since I think I could walk.
I and my family are blessed to live in a area were we can sit outside and watch the fox, deer, wild turkeys, mustrats, coyotes, wild birds and hawks, and only a week ago have a rare sighting of a Bobcat, whom all roam freely about our pond and woods.
2 years ago Thanksgiving morning I was at the right time and the right place to witness to bucks vying for a lucky doe's attention. It was truely nature at its best and to hear the antlers clash was like music.
Raping our nation and the world of such experiences would truely be a sin. Lets protect those who don't have the voice to speak!


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