Defenders of Wildlife

Good Planets Are Hard to Find: The Earth is All I Have

Homo Sapiens depend on the Earth to exist at this time. Wildlife is a critical component of the Ecosystems that sustain us on this planet.

We can decide to take all the natural resources we want now from the Earth and convert them to energy or other uses, without any constraints. This would expend our natural capital (i.e., services provided by the planet such as water filtration, soil quality maintenance, cross-pollination) at rates at which we could not replenish. This action would likely lead to levels of species extinction well beyond our experience to date. It might seem that getting rid of other species makes more room for Homo Sapiens, but then we lose all the benefits their existence provides and ultimately create our own demise.

On the positive side, perhaps acting to lead the Homo Sapien species to extinction is the greatest gift we could give the Universe.


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