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Using my connection with nature during my time of grief

In grieving after my father's death, I turned to nature for solace and support. In time, I turned my insights, The Seasons of Change, into my life's work. I'm quite grateful for my connection with nature.

When my father died in 1986, I turned to nature for solace. I noticed that every day the flora and fauna of my area changed in response to the constantly changing seasons. I wanted to be able to go through my life transitions with as much ease and grace. I began to watch how each species weathered the change of seasons and began to use those actions to come up with ways humans can respond gracefully to changes in their lives (whether it's the death of a loved one, getting laid off, getting divorced, even having a baby, or a health challenge).

Showing people how to use nature as a metaphor for life transitions became my life's work. I've written books (The Seasons of Change and Nature's Wisdom Deck), I've supported people in transitions, and I now train other professionals to use The Seasons of Change in their work with clients in transition. ( for more info)

Mother Earth and her creatures have so much wisdom to share. It's crucial that we support our ecosystem to keep everything in balance. To do this, people need to reconnect with natural environments and the wildlife that enhabit them. I've been gratified to know that the work I do through The Seasons of Change has reawakened people to how much nature has to offer all of us.


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