Defenders of Wildlife

Wildlife in Action

Wildlife in Action
Wildlife in Action

Why wildlife means so much to me is because

I think every creature including the plants are just like people.
Every creature wether it's a plant or a bear, has feelings.
A plant, needs sun, water, and loads of caring.
If every person just lived on food, and water, but no love, or excitment, then we'd all go into depression.
A plant goes into depression as well, if sun and water is all it gets.
Like any other wild-life animal, we as well as the animals need help.
These animals can not defend themselves from preditors, or strangers.
The animals can't survive without their surroundings.
If someone or something took away everything (people) need for survival, like shelter, food, and water, we'd eventually starve, and die.
If people take away the one thing that keeps these animals alive, there'd be no surviving animals.
Like people, animals get annoyed, or feel deprived, so of course they'd want left alone.
The animals cant talk, so actually no one can exactly say what an animal wants, but if they were, I''m sure they'd tell you what I'm trying to tell you too, and that is to help save the animals.


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