Defenders of Wildlife

Why Wildlife is Better Than Human Life

The difference between wild animals and destructive humans.

Animals don't feel the need to spread out as far as they can in the world. Animals didn't tear apart the land to drain it dry of every resource. Wildlife has never created weapons of death and destruction nor created artificial diseases and chemicals whose sole purposes are to kill others. Wildlife doesn't destroy its own homes by arson, pollution, or out of spite. Wildlife doesn't kill or torture just to get someone else to agree with them. Wildlife doesn't lie, steal, cheat, enslave or discriminate. Wildlife has never started wars. Wildlife doesn't level thousands of trees a day to put in parking lots or more fast food restaurants. Wildlife won't intentionally mislead or lie to anyone for material gain or wealth. This planet would be much healthier and far better if there were no humans on it. I hate humans! I'm so glad I'm not one of them!


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