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Just a Little Something

Just a Little Something
Just a Little Something

It isn't some miracle or novel, but it's always been important...

I'm not going to sit down and write an essay, but wildlife has always been important to my whole family, it'sonly natural I'd want to sign petetions and do my part as well.

My grandmother goes out ever evening, rain or shine, summer or winter to put feed out for deer, birds, and coyote that live in the area. Not only that, but shes adopted over 25 animals (not all at once, currently she only has about 18 cats)
All strays from the wild. One was a German Shephard with bad feet, and otherwise her cats life to about 22 years.

My mother takes after her, going out every morning to feed the birds. (we live in a slightly more populated area but still close by) and we currently have about 8 cats and one German Shephard, of which my mother claims is the re incarnation of the last one y grandmother had way back when. Five of the cats we have are related- as we found a whole litter out in the rain on mothers day. We didn't have the heart to give away any kittens, and the mother is now owned by my grandmother. They are all chubby, but very happy kitties.

However, our new neighbors have been calling the health department on us, saying there are hawks in their back yard, and we are attracting rats. Each time the health department has come over, there have been no problems, and in fact, the health department went over to their house because of what he thought of their backyard.
My grandmother has neighbors on one side that have cut down every tree in their yard and constantly complain about the bird feeders, and on another side she has been robbed of seed and dog chow several times. He's not there anymore, in fact a German Shephard helped find out who was stealing it, and proved my grandmother wasn't going nuts yet.

On a personal level, my native american totem is the wolf, and I take it very seriously. Though I'm as white as plaster, back in my line on my grandfather's side I am blackfoot native american. I also sketch, and I'll try to send one through.

Thanks for your time, and for asking me this!

-Jeannine Lambert


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