Defenders of Wildlife

Spreading Scars

The Wild Lands Lost

The land I come from is being taken over by greed and foolishness. Places where deer once grazed and coyote howled continue to be dug up so that wealthy retirees can build their horse ranches and mansions in the country, unaware that the "country" they wish to experience is the very place they are tearing apart.
I cherish the wildlife of America, and it is for this reason that I am currently trying to attain my degree in Ecology. I do this in hopes that I may one day better understand and protect these majestic creatures. I have seen my own share of persecution for these decisions, but it is a burden I gladly accept to save the wild I truly love.
The loss of the Endangered Species Act would be by far one of the greatest blows that could possibly be made. With this simple act, the land of not only my home but those areas meant to protect the wildlife I love would be forever scarred by the works of the bulldozer and chainsaw. These scars are spreading, and I implore you to halt their dreaded advance. Please do not take away my life's dream, my purpose, my identity. Senator, please save the Endangered Species Act.


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