Defenders of Wildlife

Mountain Lions

Volunteer Educational Outreach Coordinator for the Mountain Lion Foundation

I have been a volunteer with many animal rights and wildlife groups for 35 years. But my passion is Mountain Lions. I live in Northern California right in the middle of Cougar Country ! I have seen the damage that the human population has done to not only the Cougar population but the wildlife population in general. From preditor to prey wildlife in my area is being pushed into a corner. In California Prop. 197 stopped the sport hunting of Cougars in 1990. But there is always someone who wants to fight this Bill. The voters of California won by a landslide with Prop 197 saying leave our Cougars alone! Yet Humans continue to move into Cougar territory. The Mountain Lion Foundation continues to fight to keep the Cougars from extinction. We are affiliated Nationwide to help the species survive. Afterall, without preditors the whole ecosystem will be gone. My reason for living is to help Nature. I will continue to help until my last breath !!


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