Defenders of Wildlife

Home of My Ancestors

Home of My Ancestors

As a North American Aborigine it is of great importance to me that we do all we can to protect our Mother Earth. I am a traditionally raised Apache. It is taught in our society that everything we have and use in our daily lives originates from our Mother Earth. If we don't take care we will lose everything.

We are only borrowing our Mother Earth from our grandchildren. We must do everything we can to return her in better condition than we received her. It is our responsibility. We owe it to our grandchildren.

The phrase that you often hear; "We are all related", just doesn't refer to the relationships between human beings, it means all that live upon our Mother Earth. Each of us plays an important part in the survival of everything else.

This is the only place that we have to live.

May you walk in beauty
Apache Elder


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