Defenders of Wildlife

They were here first

Everyday we forget that animals were here first.

Everyday we forget that animals were here first. When the world was made it was animals first. Animals give up their lives so that we can have food to eat and clothes to wear. They also give us hours of companionship and entertainment as well as beauty.

Having a bald eagle for our symbol of freedom is very touching yet we have almost caused the bald eagle to disappear from the face of the earth. Other species are gone because of meddling and which one of these animal species is going to be the undoing of all of us?

We feel bad about taking human life, even if that human has taken human lives but we don't feel bad about taking animals lives for what ever reason that will fit the purpose. Animals are smart, loving and only have problems with humans when we decide to take over their areas.

We all need to remember that we share this earth with everyone and everything on it and need to be glad instead of wasting another life for another cause which won't change anything for long.


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