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The Purpose of Life

The Purpose of Life
The Purpose of Life

People ask what is the meaning of life, why are we here on this planet.

I believe that the we were put on this planet as caretakers. To look after the earth and all of its resources and that includes all the creatures that live here.

If that is not the case then why is it that every living thing both plant and animal have their special place on this earth. Once that precious cycle is broken the ecology is distured and in some cases disappears forever. Why is it that the rainforests have plants with such great medical healing potential. Yet we humans destroy it for cattle grazing and our insatable apetite for hambergs and other junk foods.

Humans are the only animals on this planet that deliberatley destroy things for our own greed. We are our own worst enemy and will singlehandly destroy this wonderful planet of ours.

We should look around and thank God for this wonderful gift he has given us, appeciate it, love it and nurture it to the best of our ability.


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