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The Beauty of Wolves

The Beauty of Wolves
The Beauty of Wolves

Wolves are magnificant, complex social creatures that must be protected.

I have been studying wolves for many years, and I continue to marvel at their intelligence, social structure, sheer physical beauty and their vital contributions to maintaining ecosystems.
I have sponsored wolves for almost 7 years, and I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit some of my adoptees at the Wolf Mountain Sanctuary in California.
How tragic it would be for future generations never to hear the howl of a wolf, or never be able to look into those incredibly soulful, intuitive eyes. It would indeed be a tragedy. A family member recently passed away, and I chose to spend a day with the wolves at the Sanctuary. It was truly one of the most peaceful, spiritual days I have ever experienced. The wolves are so intuitive and caring.
I hope the attached picture speakes volumes for these incredbile creatures. I have many more that I would be happy to share.


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