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One For My Heart

I saw my first Wild Bald Eagle!

On the fourth of December, I saw my very first Wild Bald Eagle!! Now, I live in an area of southern Missouri where they are often known to winter, but that's around 50 miles east of my location at the time. I'd go through there, straining my eyes at the sky, and thinking that, yeah, maybe that black winged thing was really an eagle and not a buzzard, but at that height, who knew? But I kept dreaming I'd really see one and know it before the Pulmonary Hypertension got me.
This gentlemen left no doubt. He was posed beautifully on a tree branch along the Pom de Terre River, looking like a king inspecting his realm. His pristine white head held high; black feathers ruffled for warmth on this cold windy day. I did a double-take before screaming "Bald Eagle!" in my friend's ear. Which you shouldn't do to the driver, by the way. When Larry recovered, he just grinned. He's a disabled vet, been all over the world, so no new sight to him. But I was so thrilled I didn't stop screaming and stomping and pounding the dash for at least 5 miles! I'm 49 and a half and I just saw my first Wild Bald Eagle! I think he winked at me!


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