Defenders of Wildlife

In the Beginning...

We are custodians of the Earth, not empowered to destroy, rape and pillage her. We are held accountable. It is Scriptural and it is that simple. Our morals dictate and our future demands we care responsibly for the Earth and all on her.

While I realize it is not popular, in progressive circles, to be a faithful and out-spoken Christian, still, many of us are very aware of, and committed to, altering the course of events to a more compassionate and moral path. We recognize that the Most High gave the Earth into our keeping, to care for and protect, to utilize for our benefit, but certainly NOT to carelessly destroy. We are assigned as custodians, guardians. We are not given free rein to destoy and haphazardly trash. God gives us the Earth on loan, we will be expected to answer for the mistreatment we heap on her. We are entrusted with the task of protecting and nurturing her: she is not ours to irrevocably destroy.


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