Defenders of Wildlife

Wildlife is Our Life

Wildlife is Our Life
Wildlife is Our Life

All God's Creatures matter on the face of the earth. We are all part of the web of life and the richness in living.

My story is not long. It is to the point. What a glorious world it is due to the magnificance of all the world's wildlife and expressions of life.

For the peace of all, green protected habitats are needed to be in unity of Spirit with living on the earth.

Other species are our companions as we move forward in space on planet earth. They have their own intrinsic value, beauty and grace.

We are supposed to be intelligent and are to be the guardian of other species.

Let us join together and preserve the world as we know it. Other species deserve to be here too! We can co exist if we apply intelligent and caring planning.

For the future generations of people, wildlife, wild plants that may carry the cure to unknown diseases, let us treasure the world as a living and vital place where we show our respect and gratitude.

Louise Morell,


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