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Just a Roadkill...

The death of a raccoon brings back memories of the travels of Lewis and Clark.

We live in a large, urban city but we still have roadkills. Someone is just in a bit too much of a hurry to stop or swerve and we have a dead animal in the road.

Last fall, I saw a roadkill near our home. It was a huge raccoon. The old fellow must have three feet along and his tail about two feet long. His size reminded me of the stories about Lewis and Clark who had travelled through our state. They noted the record sizes of the animals who had been left alone for centuries.

I felt saddened to see this old fellow in the middle of the road. Although he had probably lived out a long life, I thought it would be even nicer if he could have grown to the size of his ancestors before civilization had moved into his home. I hoped he would have had a good life, raising his family and teaching them how to fish and wash their catch.

Although we seldom see them, it is always comforting to know the animals and their habitats are there. Somewhere where civilization cannot encroach upon them and rob them of their right to exist.

As I drove on through the swirling fall leaves, I knew I would remember to tell my grandchildren the story of the giant raccoon and his ancestors who used to roam our state. I would hope someday they would have their own story to tell about the wildlife that touched their lives.


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