Defenders of Wildlife

Memories & Grieving

Memories & Grieving

When my sisters and I were children, our parents took us to visit National Parks. Sometimes it was a car trip and sometimes we took a camper trailer. Our Father, a deeply religious man and nature lover, taught us to appreciate the wonders of nature as magnificent gifts of the Almighty.

Through these trips we learned the concept of stewardship, that all of us on earth are responsible for respecting and caring for these gifts.

As a wife and mother, I have taken my husband and children on long car trips across the United States. Sometimes, we have camped in a tent among the trees. I have instilled these same values in my husband and children.

Now we all live in cities. I live in the Dallas area, where land is rampantly overdeveloped. Nature is in short supply, and my heart aches.

When I hear of members of Congress wanting to sell off protected National Forests and National Parks for development or logging or oil drilling, I truly grieve.

I imagine that the Almighty grieves, too!


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