Defenders of Wildlife

Once they are gone, they are gone!

America's Wildlife is and should be as important to all Americans who love this country.

Wildlife, do they have a choice and say in what is decided about their future in closed meetings in Washington or by States. No, but those of us who love and respect all of Gods creatures feel we can be their voice.
I, as a tax paying American, feel laws should be made to protect all life and rights, and the government running this great country today, have gotten so far away from what our founding fathers wanted for America, until it makes me sick.
Those that have no voice need to be heard, the cry of an Eagle, the baying of a Seal, the howling of a Wolf and so many others will be stilled, never more to be heard, seen or enjoyed if protections are removed for them.
Please Washington, don't be the cause of even one more of our precious Wildlife becoming extinct because of your thoughtless act of removing their protections.
God put every creature on this earth for a reason, and we, as men and women, need to respect His wishes of letting them live in peace.
I fear that if men and women in power who are making these decisions, continue on the path of destroying the habitats and Wildlife, that they will be answering to a power much higher than themselves, and for that I say Amen.


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