Defenders of Wildlife


There is no copyright protection for this poem. I wrote it out of my feelings for the unfair treatment that wolves and all wildlife has to deal with due to human ignorance. I hope you enjoy it. You have my permission to use it anyway you see fit.

Life's intricate plan
Conceived by our Lord
Combining nature and man
A game that's not scored

We take it for granted
Close our eyes to the sin
The delicate balance is slanted
When will understanding begin

How can we think what we've done
Will not hurt in the end
With the wolf on the run
We're losing a friend

Their life helps us live
When they're gone, we will see
Now it's our turn to give
And acknowledge their plea

They did not ask for their fate
They live on instinct, that's all
They adapt to man's hate
And now they're taking the fall

God has given us a choice
To protect and to serve
To speak with one voice
So all creations preserved

The wolf must survive
We should not say goodbyes
But let us look at the world
With a view through their eyes


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