Defenders of Wildlife

Wild Animals Deserve Love, Too

People spend millions of dollars and many hours of time lavishing care, warm homes, and food on pets and other domestic animals. Wild animals deserve just as much love and attention.

I have lived with cats all my life. We have three living with us now. We feed them well, take them to the vet regularly, and try to keep them safe from harm. Each and every cat I've known has a different personality. Each responds to love and is devoted to its owners.

I know from visiting wildlife parks and zoos that all animals respond in some way to loving caretakers. We should extend our caretaking to the animals who live in the wild: the animals who share their space, air, and water with us; the animals who need trees and special habitats in order to survive.

People know so much about other species and how they live and think. The more we learn, the more we need to say thank you to *all* of the animals in our environment by protecting, nurturing, and loving them, as only people can do.


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