Defenders of Wildlife

Once They're Gone, They're Gone

Once They're Gone, They're Gone
Once They're Gone, They're Gone

The importance of wildlife to the environment in which we live.

All animals were put upon the earth for a reason. They each serve a purpose in the environment, and are ecologically dependent upon one another. Once one species is destroyed, it affects many others down the line.

Beyond that, animals are great teachers, if we would only pay attention. Animals never take more than they need, and kill only for food when they or their young are hungry. or when they or their young are threatened. We humans could learn a great deal from the animals of the wild.

The beauty of wildlife goes without saying, but so many don't want to be bothered to see that beautfy, and there are some who are only interested in killing them for sport, and then hanging the head of a beast on their wall.

Once a species of the earth is gone, it is gone for good. The buffalo were slaughtered nearly to extinction in the 1800s, and along with them, the Native Americans nearly became extinct too; another example of how humans and animals are dependent upon the other.

If we do not stand up and protect the wildlife now, then who will?


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