Defenders of Wildlife

We are all ONE1

God gave man dominion over the animal life, the plant life, the mineral life. NOT TO DESTROY IT, but to PROTECT IT. When will we ever learn. WE ARE ALL ONE!

We have a tremendous responsibility to all of life. God created each of our bodies as a Body Temple. It is our responsibility to love and protect and nuture everything, from the bottom of the ocean to the sky above. Where is the consciousness of our government? It is up to us to send LOVE to everyone, to everything. Life is precious, whether it is the mineral life, the plant life, the animal life, the lives of all beings on any planet, in any of the universes. I pray for an awakening of all beings to accept their responsibilities. May we spread light and love and PEACE to everyone and everything. May we live in harmony with all of life. I pray for WORLD PEACE NOW!


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