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Wildlife Matters A System of Checks and Balances

The world's imperiled wildlife are an integral part of Planet Earth's judicial system.

The world's imperiled wildlife are an integral part of Planet Earth's judicial system. Their protection is vital to the well being of the planet. Wildlife, part and parcel, are the checks and balances critical to the survival of not only their own individual species, but to ALL species, human included.

In concert with Mother Nature the animal and plant kingdoms act similarly to the United States Congress Senate and House of Representatives. Humans, with our superior ability to think and reason, are the judicial system that decides, whether through judge or jury, who and what stays and goes.

As with any system of reconciliation a disproportionate balance of power in one branch is most certainly to the detriment and eventual failure of the whole. And that is what we see happening on our Planet today--the animals, the plants, and the environment are not being tried and judged by a jury of peers, but instead are summoned into a kangaroo court and judged by Big Oil, Big Business, and bought and paid for elected officials.

Beyond the sheer beauty and magnificence of the Planet Earth's Wild Kingdom, beyond the almost incomprehensible strength of a system that exists at simultaneously gross and subtle ends of the spectrum of life, this system of checks and balances teeters precariously on a see-saw that once tipped too far one way or another, may be damaged beyond a point of repair and recovery.

If and when that happens, it will be the point from which the human species will then deteriorate and fail beyond recovery. And America, don't you think we are just a little too smart than to let that happen?

Deborah C. Drewniak


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