Defenders of Wildlife

Saving Wildlife

Saving Wildlife

It's important to me to preserve the Endangered Species Act and protect our wildlife because animals cannot speak up for themselves. If we don't care for their environment and allow them to live as God intended, before we know it, they'll be gone forever. Once a species is extinct we cannot bring it back.

Mankind is very arrogant in his belief that he can dominate and manipulate nature to suit himself. Nature is a very intricate and complex system. It will take care of itself if left alone. When Mankind interferes the only result is disaster. It's happened repeatedly throughout history.

There is great beauty and majesty in Polar Bears. Wolves have a very rich and fulfilling live within their pack if left alone. Gunning them down for sport from airplanes is cowardly and no sport at all. It sickens me beyond words. Our current government is more interested in pushing their own private agenda than in preserving the environment in which we live.

I feel very strongly about trying to protect the environment And this is the reason I send emails and make donates to Defenders of Wildlife to work to preserve our environment before it's gone.


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