Defenders of Wildlife

The kindness of the wild.

Animals are kind, loving, protective and bring us joy in our lives. The only thing they do not posess is the ability to talk our language. That is why we need to speak for them. We are all linked spiritually and to harm them is wrong.

Ever since I was a child I grew up respecting wildlife. Animals have always played a special part of my life. My own pets have brought me so much joy, especially when I need it most. It is for them that I take an active stand in protecting animals. I have come face to face with a black bear, buffalo and even touched a wild wolf. I wouldn't recommend this however my experience was gentle and sort of spiritual. These creatures have feelings, emotions and a sense of family. Those whom have never felt that connection cannot understand. We are all here on earth and must do our part to protect one another even the animals. I want my child to someday experience the joy and the kindness I have shared with the "wild" outdoors. If we keep trouncing it there will be nothing left. This is why Defenders is a cause I truly believe in.


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