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What I know about the Web of Nature

What I know about the Web of Nature

When the Universe formed, it evolved over many distances of time and space into what it is today.

That which it is today includes us. We are in every way part of the Universe; body, mind, intellect, psyche, and soul. Living or dying, in sickness or in health, in Light or in Darkness, in madness or sanity, evil or good, lusty or loving, calm or passionate, envious or content, real or unreal, remembered or forgotten, right or wrong, ad infinitum ... we are the Universe. Hurting any part of the Universe hurts us. Therefore those beasts, spirits, and other beings who kill to live do so only when they must. To destroy wastefully is to commit sacrilige, to violate all religion and all wisdom, and ultimately to destroy oneself.

I will stop such evil, or if I cannot stop it I will cause the very Elements to recover from the destruction.

I forgive the wrongdoers; what they do, they do with their wisdom obscured by desire. I have been guilty of similar crimes. But I will do what I can to stop the crime from opening our Worlds to Chaos. Forgiveness of the sinner does not cause me to ignore the sin.


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